Low SAPS synthetic oil recommended in particular for the Diesel engines respecting the EURO IV and V norms about emission reduction.
SOLARIS FE 5W30 is a very high performance lubricant using ELF synthetic technology, intended for lubricating light vehicles engines. Specially formulated to ensure compatibility with post-treatment systems.

SOLARIS FE 5W30 enables, thanks to low rates of sulfur, ashes and phosphorus (low SAPs), a durability of post-treatment systems (in particular the Diesel Particulate Filter) that enables high reduction of pollutant emissions.

- Ensures an outstanding engine longevity, thanks to a very high oxidation resistance.
- Ensures maximum engine cleanliness, thanks to very good detergent and dispersion properties.  - Offers engines excellent wear protection, thanks to its high technology additivation.
- Contributes to the increase of the intervals between the drains. The interval can rise up to 30 000 km.
- The optimal viscometric adjustment guarantees at the same time the protection of the sensitive mechanical parts and a consumption profit.
- Reduced oil consumption thanks to the use of synthetic base oils of low volatility.

Product Type: Diesel Engine Oil
Product Categories: Automotive
ACEA C4 , RN0720 Product Documents SOLARIS-FE-5W30-0412.pdf (62 kb)