TRANSELF TRX is designed for mechanical transmission systems working in severe conditions in racing or touring vehicles, even without turbocharged or high output engines.
- Especially recommended for easy gear changing in cold weather: also retains its outstanding qualities when hot, ensuring the smoothest possible operation and longer life for gearbox components.

TRANSELF TRX satisfies the requirement of the following specifications:

- Renault VL: mechanical gearboxes types JB, JC, PK (1, 6, 7, 9) and PF.
- Renault Vans: mechanical gearboxes types P.
TRANSELF TRX can also be used in Renault gearboxes of the “N” group to replace an 80W grade.

Product Type: Gear Oil
Product Categories: Automotive , Transport
API GL-4+ Product Documents TRANSELF-TRX-75W80_tds.pdf (138 kb)